Goodbye 2016

New year eve is often a time to look back to what had been done over the past year and a time to look ahead to what resolutions can be made for the year ahead. 2016 has been an interesting year with both memorable ups and downs. The ups are great times and moments that I will never forget while the downs are great lessons that I will not unlearn because they help me to become a better person. So what have I done in the past year?

One thing that I could never imagine myself doing was travel alone in a foreign country. Although it was more like a work trip, I did find time to step out my comfort zone to do some walkabout and explore local food despite the language barrier. I used to tell my friends that I will never travel alone. I think I’ve change my mind now even though I am seriously unsure when and where would be my next adventure.

In 2016, I competed 3 fitness models competitions. Each time more confident than the last and, of course, each one more enjoyable than the last. I must say it was the competition that take me out of my comfort zone to travel to South Korea. Beside, my physique is better every subsequent competition as well. I ticked my bucket list of achieving 5 percent or maybe less percentage of body fat in my last competition.

Because of the competition, I did my first professional photo shoot and the photos look amazing. I barely recognise myself even in the unfiltered / before touch up photos. Photo shoot means another bucket list ticked. It would be a crime not to do something to help me remember my best shape of my life. Photo shoot does the trick.

In preparation of competition, I pushed through what I thought it was my limitation. Alongside with strict diet, I did 18 training sessions a week, including both weight training and cardio, from 4 weeks out onwards. A total of 125 sessions from 8 weeks out. (Yes, I was counting so that I can brag about it.) Something that I never thought that I have to mental strength to go through. It was not fun but it was an experience to help me discover that I am stronger than I ever was, both physically and mentally. Being 36 and stronger than anytime in my lifetime is a gift that I am grateful for. 

As a crossfit fan, I always admire people who can do bar muscle up and handstand walk. This year I am one of them who can do bar muscle up without chicken wings and I can handstand baby walk. Even though I still have rooms for improvement, I can say that I ticked two goals off my list. I also Rx all Open workout for the first time.

2016 was the first year I ventured into fitness bootcamp business. Although it is still too early to call it successful, I am grateful that I am working with a group of good people who believe in me and give me the opportunity to take the lead. Before this, I doubted that I have the ability to take group fitness. Now, it is doubt no more. 

Towards the end of the year, I started to develop a project with my partner in crime, Faye, with some unexpected outcome. I managed to self teach myself to edit videos in my amateurs effort to make video for the project. Definitely something I would not expect to learn in the past year. Me and video editing were no where related in six degrees of separation before this project.

At work, clients seen great results. One client had his first taste to compete on stage, one client competed in his first long distance bike race, one client did russian squat dance without knee pain for the first time since last decade and others feel more confident with their bodies. Despite of their inspiring results, I am grateful that they are good people to work with.

Personally, I am also grateful that I was surrounded by good people who share my passions and interests throughout the year. We laughed, we fought for our passions, we shared doubts, we listened to each other when we encounter our downs. What can be better than that?

In less than 24 hours, the 37th New Year in my lifetime is to be celebrated all over the world. I must say that not many of them make feel like I do not want them to be over. 2016 is one of them. I could not ask for a better year but I must also say that I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for me in 2017 regardless if it is a better year or worse year. 

Like I always tell myself.

“When times are good, enjoy them. When times are bad, endure them. Life is short, nothing lasts.”

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