It has been 4 weeks since I competed my last competition in Gold Coast. It was a great and humbling experience. I learned more about myself throughout the competition prep. I found that my 100% is pretty much 12000% of what I thought my 100% was and I am very good at making up personal motivational quotes to keep me on track (to the extent that I briefly thought I was Mark Twain reincarnation). I also found that doughnuts are my friends on comp day. I was truly in the best shape of my life, thanks to the 6 donuts that I devoured in the hour before stage time, of course, and my coaches as well.

Now that the competition is done and dusted, I am back to square one to prepare for my next competition. This time around, I will have more than 48 weeks to prepare. (at the time of writing this blog) Regardless of the physique outcome, I am more excited about the prospect of lifting heavy shits now that I am stronger than I ever was. (I can see some 3 digits somewhere) Hope my testosterone game is good enough to handle it.

First program for the next 12 months cycle is a Strength based program with clusters set. Each exercise comes with some specific instructions for execution, which makes things so much more interesting than the monotonous sound of just two words like Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Biceps Curl etcetera. Strength based program means heavy shits too, I love heavy shits. 

I did my first measurement for this 12 months cycle too. 78.5kg @ 13.6% body fat. It is a great start even though it is not optimal. Body fat had been lower at that body weight before. 12 months is a long time to build on it so I am optimistic that the number will be improved. Hopefully, stepping on stage at 78kg @ 5% body fat in Oct 2017 is not unrealistic for a natural like me. It would be a life goal.

So this past week is pretty much a Alt+Ctrl+Del week for me to put me back on stage with a better physique. And this will be a good platform to document my journey for a future reference. After all, this blog has gathered so much spider webs since I last updated it. I should never let it happen again, I hope.

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