How I lost 20kg in 10 months (IV)

Chapter 4: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

Today is the Day 21 of my 22 Days of Push Ups to raise awareness for PTSD. 22 push ups is an easy task for me so I committed myself to do different types of push ups or something different from just 22 push ups everyday for the 22 days. Throughout the whole time, I kept thinking to myself that I must finish something that I started even if I am so tired from my gym routine to prep for my physique competition. Stopping at any given time was not an option. At the same time, in the back of my head, I do aware that I had started an article series called ‘How I lost 20kg in 10 months’. 

I know that I have been acting like G.R.R.Martin, keep pushing my deadline further back until all my readers, if I have any, are giving up on this blog to know what happen next in the series. I must admit that I don’t want this entry to become Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull in the Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones series. (I know my blog is not something that can be compared to Indiana Jones) I want to have the perfect content for this entry but I started this blog to not be perfect in any way but to share my experience with my blog readers.

So here is the next part of my epic weight loss adventure.

Flashback to April 2013.

No more fruit juice, banana toast with melted cheese, canned soup with chunky meats, spam, soy milk and many other food that I ate for putting on size. Twice a week hour long cardio and three days a week body split training were my routine since I decided to lose weight. The scale did go south after months of effort. It went from low 90s to high 80s. However, I did not like what I see in the mirror. I lost size and I look nowhere near the images on the fitness magazines that I admire. I wondered if I can ever grace the stage with god-like physique. I was about to embark on my personal training career and I had of not being able to convince new clients to train with me because I don’t think I look the part.

Fortunately, fate had a mysterious way to lead to cross path with a positive influence in my life, coach FM. She helped me realize that becoming a good personal trainer is more than just look. A brain that craves for knowledge and a pair of keen eye for movement details are essential to help clients on their fitness journey safely. 

I also met one of my mentors, coach SL. Training with coach SL was one eye opening experience. From the experience, I came to understand that my own training has too much rest, too much focus on getting stronger with the main lift, exercises in each of my body split days were repeating the same pattern and training was not intense enough to make progression. Coach SL plays important role to help me to get better at my mental game down the track.Even to this day, I can hear his voice and his encouragement during my training with other coaches.

The training experience with coach SL also gave fitness a new meaning to me. I realized that I was strong but unfit. In order to know how fit feels and how my clients feel on the other side during their training, I gave everything I had to get through every single training session with coach SL. I must say that I got my first taste of Crossfit with Coach SL and I developed a love/hate relationship with it.

During the early months of my training with coach SL, everything that we do was hard and unpleasant. The mobility drills at the start of every session put me in a lot of pains. Most memorable of all mobility drills is shoulder passthrough. I could not do a single one without bending my elbows. I did my first Fran in 21 minutes. A shame to be compared to the average 6 minutes Fran time. I passed out after I finished my first Fight Gone Bad and it was a scaled version. I was in tears during my first chipper workout, a workout consists of one round of more than 3 different exercises in a row. I screamed my lung out during the second half of a 2km row and had other gym members looking at me like I’m a crazy person. Thoughts of giving up often popped in my head but I did not give in. The drive to earn my right to train my clients was strong. Slowly, I get better conditioned slowly to handle the training intensity threw at me from coach SL. I enjoyed the feeling of being able to handle training with volume.

Eventually, weights melted away bit by bit until the scale hits 82 – 83kg. At the same time, I gave up on hopes to compete in physique competition and turn my focus more on getting better at Crossfit to see how far I could go. Hence, the weight was no more a big concern.

One day, slightly more than a month before my 32nd Birthday, me and my buddy, coach FM, had a conversation about a trainer in my gym competing in a local fitness model competition. The term, BioSignature, came up in the conversation. Coach FM mentioned that it helps a lot of people  to achieve great shape. At that very moment, I knew what was my birthday gift to myself. Buy myself a hope to get that perfect body. Two blocks away from my gym, there was an experienced BioSignature coach, coach BS. I looked up his contact and made the phone call that gave me a new life. Life after six packs.

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