Farewell, sweetness

In less than 8 weeks, I will once again grace a stage alongside other men with spectacular physique to beheld by thousands of audiences. The cheers and the clapping from the audiences is an appreciation to all the hard works poured into the pursuit of a beautifully sculpted psychique. It tastes like success. A taste that cannot be compared to doughnuts, pizza, chocolate and the list goes on. It is different from other tastes and better than sweetest because it is a pinnacle of a journey in life  and a memory that will last.
However, other tastes like sweetest and umami from the food are not all evil with trident. Refeed aka cheat meal is necessary during off season. It gives me some ‘life’ back to live normally. It allows me to go back to the social life to mingle with friends. It stops me from turning into an antagonist in a psychological thriller. Most importantly, I need it to help me to grow before I go back to cutting mode or before I am at risk of losing my carb bitch status.

*Carb bitch = bitch who can eat lots of sugary junk food and not gaining significant amount of fat.

In the eyes of many, I am a cold hearted creep who does not touch anything else but meat, vegetables, grain, nuts, berries and supplements. Yes, I am quite disciplined in my day to day life in term of diet. In fact, I do look like a cold hearted creep when it comes to food. I call my cheat meal ‘obligatory food’ instead of my normal food. I have a feeling that it is because I am usually only allowed to have one cheat meal once a week. It is very out of my day to day routine. One cheat meal a week also means that I would have to choose my cheat meal wisely. Hence, the first world problem of struggling to decide cheat meal until every shop closed. I must say that I do actually enjoy my cheat food when I am having them. Clearly an evidence to prove that I am still a human with my humanity intact.

Anyway,the time has come to say ‘farewell sweetness’. I have bid my last farewell to my last refeed a few weeks ago. From that point onward, I can only think about what has been hiding underneath the layer of fat on my body after all the gruelling training that I had been put through by my coach. Training days filled with curses, self encouragement, coach loathing and visualisation of victory that can only be satisfied with the taste of success. Success is the moment on stage where thousands of people cheer me on regardless of the end result. Success would also be the improvement of my physique since my last competition. This is the taste that cannot be bought with monies but to be pursued with lots of passions and sacrifices.
‘Success tastes better than chocolate’ I tell myself constantly to keep me on track to chase my dream. I also tell myself that my reunion with sweetness will taste better than before once I taste success again. 

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