81 Days to Gold Coast

Crossfit Games has come to an end for another year. It has been great fun to watch all the elite Crossfitters battled against each other for the fittest on earth titles. 15 amazing events in 5 days with only 11 of them can be watched in superior quality video feed. 

It is inspiring to see these people not giving up easily despite the challenges being thrown at them. It is insipring to see some of these athletes achieve what they can do in the competition from the bottom without sport background. It is inspiring to see how much our bodies can achieve if we are consistent. I am definitely inspired by these athletes to get better everyday so that one day I may be able to compete in the Master 60+ category. 
Now that it is over, all fellow crossfitters will have to wait for another 7 months to the next Crossfit Open. During this time, some of us will keep enjoying the adrenaline rush from the daily WOD in our boxes while others will sharpen their tools and kill some goats to prepare for the unknown and unknowable of the semi-unpredictable Open Workouts thrown at us by an evil mastermind goes by the name of  David Castro. I usually both excited and scared to death pre, during and post announcement of the Open workouts. I have a feeling that I am not alone.

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