90 Days to Gold Coast

The time is coming. 90 Days is all I have. I can foresee the Food Prison is opening up its door to welcome me. I can also feel that the deity of Cardio is looming around the corner. He is getting ready to unleash its unforgiving power to punish me until the last of my body fat armies annihilated.

Today, I had a Cardio session for the first time since 10,000 BC. I mean since my last prep in May. It felt harder than I thought. I am guessing that my extra pounds of muscles and fat are not making it easy for me this time. HIIT has not been feeling this hard for a long time. I remember 20.0km/hr on a treadmill for 1 minute interval is doable last year but it feels like 13.0km/hr was trying to strangle the last breath out of me. I must say that it will be very interesting to see how I go in the next few weeks. I know I will get better but I am just unsure how long it will take. 
Foodwise, dropping from 3,800kcal/day to 3,600kcal/day. I kinda hoping that my coach would ask me to drop a bit more as I start to feel gross. I can barely look myself in the mirror. My former glory self just staring back at me from the other side with great amount of disapproval and mumbling ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’. Oh, dear! First world problem. I know some people would want to slap me for thinking that I am fat.

That’s the thing. I do struggle to accept that my body is great even when I was at my peak. I keep criticizing myself like most women. Girls! I feel you and some of the men these days, gay or metrosexual, do struggle with their image too. Anyway, no matter how we feel. We should be thankful that we can do amazing things with our bodies. And life is short, we have other 99 problems to worry about. In my case, food prison and the deity of Cardio.

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