93 Days to Gold Coast


Pokemon Go is a big hit these days. My social media past time on Facebook has been quite occupied by the craze. Posts after posts after posts of Pokemon related posts. Even though I will refrain myself from catching the pokemon addiction, I do think that it is ok to have these posts all over my Facebook wall.

I survived the Candy Crush craze and many other FOMO crazes in the past. They all come and go. Most people just like to share things about themselves. Facebook has been an outlet to share things and live in the virtual moments of sharing well away from brutally depressing reality ruled by outrageously ignorant politicians. Hence, I will keep sharing my training videos and topless pictures on my Facebook.

Apart from sharing in the virtual reality, addiction is another way to give us moments to getaway from the school of hard knocks. Don’t get me wrong. Some addictions ruin lives so people should not rely on them for an escapade. My addiction, weight training, is a mixture of bad ass good and not so bad ass damaging.

Even since I touched my first pair of 5kg dumbbells in my uni gym back in 2002, I knew I found my true love. It has been a long journey to have walked side by side with the iron since then. From the outside, I look like I have been very healthy and disciplined in terms of getting myself active and strong. However, I know I have spent too much time in the gym, which is not a bad thing at all as it does keep me away from finding reasons to get drunk. I am just not very sociable in a real social network setting because I speak dumbbell language.

Regardless, I would say I have no regret to spend more time in the gym than at home. I have came a long to be strong enough to do things that I would never think I can do when I was younger. Looking back to my younger self, I can’t believe that I was that boy, who no one wants to pick to play for their soccer team. 

Because of my gym addiction, I competed in Crossfit competitions and Fitness Model competitions in my mid 30s, which are the highlights of my life. Many people in my age would probably just chasing Pokemon on the street as the highlight of their lives. 

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