95 Days to Gold Coast


I am grateful that I wake up in a warm bed every morning. My work is not a job but it is something I love to do. I love to help my clients to live healthier and feel better about themselves. I am grateful that I am given the power to do that.

I am grateful for my strength and capability to lift heavy shit because lifting heavy shit makes me happy and powerful. Lifting heavy shit is also an outlet for me to de-stress. 

Although there are obstacles ahead, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to move toward my goal. My goal to stand on stage again in my best shape. Whatever experience I gain from moving towards this goal will be a stepping stone to some of my other goals. 

I am grateful for having good people as my friends. We make jokes. We laugh at things. We share stories. We share ideas. We help each other. You make the world a better place for me. How could I not be grateful.

Life always has its up and down. When it has its up, enjoy it. When it has its down, endure it. Nothing is forever. I am grateful that I live to live through the ups and the downs.

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