97 Days to Gold Coast

“You only have seconds to impress the judges but it takes a lot more than that to get up on the stage. Months or even years of training. Tomorrow, there will only be one winner on the stage. Regardless of the outcome, own the stage and have fun. You work hard to be here.” One of the judges said during the briefing.

It is true. The hard work. The preparation. The dedication. The burning pain. The rock-hard willpower to keep going. The doubt of the worthiness of the works. The mental strength to get up failure after failure. The brutal truth of no guarantee of anything. Sometimes, trying your best is still not enough. Audience would not see all that. They only see the glorious seconds the competitors have to showcase their hardworks. They will probably only remember the one person who will the crown but the rest will only become a vague background.

But then there is the passion. The passion that has become a drive to live a life with purpose. A purpose that is more than a 9 to 5 sitting job. A purpose that could make your life regretless no matter what is the outcome. A purpose that could make you look back when you’re old and say “I did that”.

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