98 Days to Gold Coast

Officially, 14 weeks to go. Yes, I don’t need a calculator to find that number. Let’s say I do well with numbers. I seriously cannot wait to be shredded again. And this time I want to have a higher placing. Top 5. Top 3. Number O.N.E and a Pro card. I daydream about the Pro card night and day and constantly visualize the reaction of mine when my number is announced for the number 1 spot. It drives me ecstatically high that I can hardly drag myself back into the reality. 

“Patience is virtue” I keep reminding myself. One thing at a time, bit by bit, brick by brick, step by step, day after day, I will have my Rome built to conquer the world. Like any ambition in life, consistency, persistance and preseverance are the keys to make it happens.

These are my ‘Rome in progress’ pictures.

I was a bit leaner before I gulped down 1.5 litre of Vitargo, slow digesting carbohydrate, during workout. Here I am looking a little bloated for my photos but it is OK. I have faith in the process to get me to that place, where I look down to my people screaming my name like I am a king. I can hear some ultra-epic glorious Hollywood style music pumping loudly in my ears while I am sailing across the sea to claim my throne. 

Oh, I daydream again. Alas, I am listening to the new Game of Thrones soundtrack on Spotify.

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