99 Days to Gold Coast

Yesterday, I unintentionally posted my fat-on-stage picture on Facebook by sharing my blog post on here. Fortunately, it gathers some likes and a love from friends. Since I have bombarded my facebook friends with countless of my topless pictures shamelessly on my wall post, I decided to have the following picture as my featured picture for today’s post. It closely describes the first world problem that I am now fighting against.

I pick the stair after serious consideration. So here are my Day 2 Photos. 99 Days to Gold Coast.

Even though, I seem to look less bloated today. I can’t seem to shake off the thought of me being fat-on-stage. I am well aware that fat-on-stage is a phase of the process to get to the next level. One part of me can’t wait to start cutting but the other part is fearful of the punishments from the deity of Cardio. 

Anyway, weight hits 82.1kg today. With better abs definition. I bet I can’t ask for more at this stage.

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