Soldier On

Soldier On

“I bet your sleeps were horrible. It was freezing in the past couple of days.” I assumed, after the girl who served me coffee told me that she were sleeping in a place without heater and carpet. I can imagine how awful it feels to walk on the cold wooden floor in the morning hours of winter and Melbourne seems to be cursed with 9 months of winter.

“It’s alright. I am here now. I just need to soldier on.” she said, with a slightly jaded but warm smile.

“Soldier on.” I repeated. Those are the two words that I need to motivate me to execute my  plan for the day.

“I like that. That attitude.” I said. My smile stretched from one ear to the other. They said smile is contagious. No doubt, positivity is contagious too. If I am an angel, my halo would be dancing in rainbow color at that moment.

I said my thank, grabbed my coffee and decided to head straight to training Legs for the third time this week. I was clouded with thought of going back to slumber land earlier in the day because I kept telling myself that I did not sleep too well and exhausted from work, thank goodness, it just “puffed” away.

I soldiered on and ticked the leg training off my list. Pumped legs made my day and one more thing that I can do to look better on stage. I soldiered on and ticked the gymnastic training off my list. Consistency of bar muscle up made me happy and arms look enormous from it. I keep soldiered on and ticked off a few other must-do tasks for clients. Clients will be getting excited about what I have in store for them. More positivity.

I hope this “soldier-on”ness is contagious to anyone who need it. Let’s soldier on together.

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