Metamorphosis: How I lost 20 kg in 10 months (I)

“You’re becoming fatter”

I always wanted to write about my fitness journey. How I get to where I am now? It is not an easy journey. The whole experience tested my patience, willingness, boundary and most unforgivingly, pain threshold. I must admit that I have a very low pain threshold. And this experience is not going to stop here but keep going until the day I take my last breath.

So where do I begin. Seriously, if I am going to start from the beginning, it will take 10 seasons and 3 movies to finish it. Hence, I am going to start from my heaviest days back in 2012. Before I got into that part of the journey, I would like to write about how I got to my heaviest weight, 94kg+-2kg before I lost more than 20kg 10 months after that.

It may sound silly. Once upon a time, I believe that the only way to look good naked is to put on as much weight as possible. After all, all of the highest level bodybuilding competitors back then weight between 110 and 130kg. It could be higher these days. I must also say that I was silly enough to believe that these weight could be achieved by eating enormous amount of food without any chemical assistance. 

I gulped down litres after litres of fat free milk everyday. Broscience said GOMAD is a way to go. It is fat free too so it must be good for your health. That’s what the media promoted. 3 to 4 protein shakes per day with the hope of putting on muscle. Lots of chicken breast, canned tuna, brown rice, fruit smoothie, whole meal bread, healthy canned soup, whole grain cereal, muesli, protein bars and so on and on. 

Training wise, I did a lot of ego lifting. Super heavy weight. Swing them, jerk them, pretty much partial reps every rep. When I squat, I felt my lower back. When I bench, I felt impingement on my shoulder. When I shoulder press, I felt my lower back as well. When I deadlift, I felt my lower back again. The only things that I do somehow do better are pull ups and dips.

All hell break loose. My weight ballooned from mid 70 to mid 90. I was not happy and I want more because I believed that I need to get bigger to be better. Then, came one beautiful weekday afternoon. Everyone at work can finally breath a sigh of relief knowing that we all can enjoy our 30 minutes lunch break in the staff after a busy morning with our own set of unexciting routine works. It was beautiful because it was warm and no one have to put up with the staff room temperature, which can be scorching during winter and freezing during summer. Just let say there is no middle ground when either the heater or the cooler is on.

I took out my 4 wholemeal bread super sized sandwich with peanut butter, banana slice and melted cheese and a can of tuna with excitement. Happily took a big bite of sandwich and scoop a big chunk of tuna from the can with a tablespoon and put it in my mouth. Yes, I have weird taste buds. Food was tangoing inside my mouth with joy, I can image. The first slap in the face just came out of nowhere. “That’s a big meal. You’re becoming fatter” said one of my colleague. 

“I put on muscle too” I protested.

I don’t think she was trying to make me feel bad. However, I felt hurt.

(To be continued)

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