Sunday 19/06: Guiltfree Sunday

I used to hate myself for not being productive over the weekend. Especially when I spent most time lying in bed trying to squeeze out as much snooze as possible because I just want to not do anything. Perhaps, I may also just want to spend hours on social media, dating app, tv shows and porns. I felt that I am not progressing to my goal and waste a lot of times like I am going to wake up the next day realizing that I am turning 80, on life support and still living an average life to pay bills.

However, if I look back to the activities, which include both works, food prep, planning ahead from plan A to plan Z to make sure that I have certain tasks accomplished on daily basis and training, I slowly come to a realization that I deserve some brownie points for some intimacy time off with my queen sized bed.

I am opened up to the idea that my body would need to rest up enough to prep for challenges in the week ahead. I need the rest to grow muscle for my fitness competition. I need the rest to let my body recovered to do better in the training planned ahead for me by my evil coaches (I have more than one coach) who love to see me swearing in the middle of my training session. I can plan my refeed/ cheat meal properly. Most inportantly, clear my work thought off my head to find some balance between life and work. Some time is also open up to spend with loved one, even though I don’t drink, both of my sisters are busy with their lives and I am pretty much single as f*ck. 

So go enjoying the Sun on this Sunday if it is sunny or enjoying the Sunday if it is not sunny on this Sunday guiltfree. I am totally going to have some intimate moments with my bed guiltfree even though the Sun is out there greeting everyone with its reluctant smile on this cold Winter day in Melbourne after long streak of rainy days in the past week.

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